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The Impact

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Disclosure: As I continue to tell my story, I may get emotional or even raise my voice a little. There are some areas of my life that have caused more pain than others. Do not feel sorry for me. Do not pity me. Just embrace me because I am no longer what the enemy tried to destroy. I forced myself to live in an unrealistic reality. I damaged the inner me. I knew none it was my fault, but I blamed myself all the time. I was denied, I was abandoned, and I was nothing. All this caused me to be my own negative influencer and sacrifice who I wanted to be to being someone I hated. It was the mirror “IMPACT” for me. That reflection of not seeing NOTHING but all the ugly situations I had no control over. It is crazy how life works right? So much of me needed validation from people. I ended up having trust issues, battling who I was, and facing my own truth. Sis, there are so many elements to my life but becoming a survivor is my story. So, if I can leave you with something it's these three affirmations. 1. Do not ever allow your Distractions to Define you. 2. Allow Process your Pain with Purpose 3. Being Positioned is Part of Gods Plan My story ends well, so yes, I am a child of God. Without his hands, upon me, I would not have overcome. I am an amazing mother, friend, coworker, and Queen because of my life. My life was predestined, and I would not be who I am today without the scars. God knew the “IMPACT” it would have on others. You See Me I survived another “IMPACT.” I survived rape, molestation, cancer twice, abandonment, disconnection, and even myself. Although this happened I AM HAPPY. I realized it is okay not to be okay just if you do not stay there. So, you are right it was the “IMPACT” for me. I am glowing because my darkness is not as dark as it used to be.

I am Queen Sudena Sturgis

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