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The Battle Within...It Will Not Win

If you are reading this, I’m sure we can relate. I don’t know any other way to be but honest and transparent. I refuse to let a title stop me from helping another soul. Being real WINS every time. What can I say I’ve been in your shoes before?

Life has a way of having a turning point. Often it just unexpectedly happens. In the last couple of months, I can truly say that life has happened in some major ways. Some good, some bad, and some just enough to keep me grounded.

Tears flowing. If you are anything like me, grab some Kleenex. Reflecting on how far I’ve come always takes me to a place of worship. Truthfully, without God, I wouldn’t be able to share with you right now. A level of strength and having no idea where it came from. As I’m writing this, I can’t stop crying knowing last week I really was in a dark space. Still encouraging others, smiling, making sure everything was done and even looking myself in the mirror speaking affirmations over myself. Every time I wanted to complain, I found hope in knowing better days were coming and that this all will be over soon. Although, I felt that I realized that my elevation in God was based on my labor. Not easy and trying to find balance in all areas of my life and at times has been a challenge.

I questioned if I was ready to walk in the calling God has on my life. I’m being real. It’s so easy to quit. This time I was determined to keep going no matter what I felt. God had me. The back-to-back tests had my emotions on a rollercoaster. Withdrawing myself and processing all that was happening in my life. It was lonely, uncomfortable, and even frustrating. I was in a dark place. Although, I was praying there was a part of me numb. Something was happening and at this point, I had no control. That very reason is why I can say God is my everything. He kept me at my lowest. He kept me at my highest. He kept me. WOW! He’s going to keep you too.

Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed just think about how many times God has shown up for you. Again, life happens but with a consistent prayer life and relationship with God it gets better. My prayer is that this reminder resonates in your heart, soul, and spirit. Remember, that better days are NOW. Oh, there is more to this, but I’ll finish right here.


Queen Sudena

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