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Committed to Excellence Amongst Women

SHE OverCame, LLC is a faith-based ministry that focuses on women who has face life challenges. It is designed to create and implement coping strategies and mechanisms to “Dominate Circumstances” that were meant to destroy you. I teach women how to strive every day, heal from brokenness, and encourage them to love what they see in the mirror. You are the reflection you see.

Strive Everyday.

I AM SHE OverCame!!

Meet Queen Sudena Sturgis.

  • Prophetess of the Gospel

  • CEO and Founder of SHE OverCame, LLC

  • Founder of Empowering Queens

  • Behavioral, Emotional & Mental Adolescent Strategist for school-age children

  • Certified Mentor & Motivational Speaker

  • Certified Crisis, Faith, and Leadership Coach
  • Blogger
  • Survivor of Rape and Molestation

  • Advocate for sexual abuse in women of all ages and races

  • 2X Survivor of Leukemia

  • Certified Notary and Officiant 

Prophetess Sudena Sturgis, is the mother of 5 amazing kids (3 kings and 2 queens). She accepted Christ at a very young age. She is on fire for the Lord. Even though life traumas she is no longer a victim but a survivor of what was meant to destroy me. God called and chose her to live the life he promised as his daughter.


She is the Queen of FAITH and PROSPERITY. Prophetess Sudena lives by the word of God. Royalty is in her DNA. Overcoming is the gift God has given her. Holding many titles but being a Woman of God is by far the most rewarding.

She lives by 4 principles daily: Sacrifice, Serve, Sow, and Submit, and all these things in obedience to God. The Woman of God is always creating a safe space to empower “Queenship” for other women in a kingdom. Through bublical teachings, she cultivate a lifestyle to assist queens in healing, forgiveness, and deliverance.

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