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I Love Me!

❤️Long Post! You are not Alone. I Love Me!❤️

Today, I had a chance to spend some much needed time to myself. Long time coming 🤷🏽‍♀️ I sat and just thought about me. Mediating on how good God has been already this year. Biggest part loving on me! I’m a big deal! I’m a God deal and I promised I won’t let anyone tell me no different.

I made myself an intentional vow that I won’t suppress my emotions or draw away. Part of my deliverance was to not just be a voice for others but for once a voice for me. With that I had no idea I would see or feel the wrath but it’s been a place of restoration, alignment, and confirmation that my mantle is one God has set in place not humankind. Also, reminding me people are flawed and some joined at the hip of evil. I

Often times, I never focus on me. Most of the time I’m a mom on the go, handling it without complaining, working to make sure my kids needs are met, encouraging, caring for others, and totally forget I’m in need too.

Many days I sit and have conversations with

God because I’m a firm believer of going to him first. People tend to really annoy me, assume they know, or take me venting to them not being a believer so I rather talk to him and allow him to pour into me. Some even using me having a moment against me. Yep, I aware! Hmm, my highlight last month was digging in deeper with him.

A lot has changed in just 31 days. I made declarations last December and so many of them are being fulfilled. So many revelations, so much of me free, more of a sound mind, and even in the losses I’ve gained.

Happy I love Me to the month of February!

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