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Reflections After Wine Down Women

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Today I realized that there are so many women depending on someone to tell their untold stories. Everything I’ve been through wasn’t just for me. It was for those Queens that are to afraid to share because of the insecurities, the void of not being accepted, and the blanket to cover the internal wounds no one else can see.

Here I am, no longer taking the rape, the molestation, the cancer, and the distractions define me from the Purpose on my life. You can say whatever but I walk the walk of Faith. No matter what it may look like I will Love what I see in the mirror. My pain has positioned me.

My hurt has healed me. My story ends well. I’m not a Victim, I AM A SURVIVOR. My glow is the result of the darkness I once faced. I am SHE OverCame, LLC and I am the Queen of my world.

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