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My Favorite Month

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It’s the first day of December the month Jesus was born, the month God chose a Queen to shower the world with her presence, the month he decided to allow me to beat Leukemia the second time, and this time last year I vowed to no longer be anyone but myself. I have done so much in nine months. So yes, whatever you think about me doesn’t matter and however, you feel about me don’t matter either. This year I chose me. I gained Me! I patted myself on the back so much that my back was hurting but it was all worth it.

So I’m celebrating my life.

I’m Rebuilding what is broken.

Restoring what was destroyed.

Rebuking the enemy's plans.

But most importantly refusing anything less than what I deserve. Let’s not forget the true colors of folks I thought cared about me actually changed. This year everything I lost I gained tenfold. Wow!!! God just kept blowing my mind. Yes to my close circle of Queens!

You all rock. I love you all and it was the “IMPACT” for me. So hats off to a great start to my favorite month!

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