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Coffee and Roses

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Life can be so difficult at times. It’s moments like this I am grateful to even wake up. Good morning challenges you to roll up over, get up and do this thing called life all over again. Yet, we take for granted the breath in our bodies when someone didn’t even get up this morning. I woke up! For that alone I am thankful. God chose me to “Rise.” As I drink my coffee and celebrate the roses of today I feel so much better than yesterday. That hit was devastating but I had a chance to change those emotions and be excited about my “Good Morning”

I can feel the pain in my heart but every memory of someone I love will always be my reason to give others their “Roses” while they are still here. It will be the reason my “Good morning” will always be in God and not me. It will be the reason I share with others memories last forever so although your loved one has gained they’re wings they too will live forever in your heart.

Death is painful but the flowers of life are for those we can remember. So I challenge you to check on your loved ones including your friends. I challenge you to love someone today. I challenge you to drink your “Good Morning” start-up and send someone “Roses” to celebrate life.

It‘s counting your blessings and seeing how well the ”Coffee” balances you and the “Roses” loves you.


Queen Sudena N. Sturgis

Queen of Faith and CEO/Founder of

SHE OverCame, LLC

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